List of Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions are listed on this page.
If you have a question which cannot be found below, please feel free to contact us for further information.

Quotation for Testers, Parts, Calibration, and Repair

A Sales representative will answer to your inquiry.
Please contact us through the CONTACT PAGE FOLLOW.

Delivery Time

We at Yasuda Seiki incorporate a build-to-order manufacturing system. For products out of stock, a period of 3-4 months is required for manufacturing.
※Please contact us for a specific product as the delivery time differs by each product.

Product Warranty After Installation

Our Product Warranty is for 1 year.

Tester Calibration

We recommend yearly calibration of our products.
We also inspect the tester’s condition during calibration.
For inquires regarding Calibration and Inspection, please contact us through the following form.

Tester May Be Broken?

Please contact a YSS Sales representative for further details.
※【YSS HEAD OFFICE】+81-78-907-1511 (Japanese / English)

Foreign Customers (Further details will be announced soon.)

We have customers of various fields mainly in China, Korea, Thailand, South-East Asia, Middle-East Asia, and North America.
We have been providing support in shipping the tester to each country, as well as local installation.
We also establish the reliable system to dispatch our engineers for customer support of overseas like repair, inspection and calibration.

Custom-Specification Testers

We also provide custom specification testers. Please contact us through the CONTACT PAGE for further information.

Do you have any agents?

Not sure where to contact?
Please contact us directly, a YSS representative will direct you based on your country and inquiry.

Is it possible to see a YSS Tester at YSS?

We have select models for Demo-Use. Please see the “Demo Machine List”  for further details.

Is it possible to test some samples before purchasing?

We have select models for Demo-Use for customers considering our products. Please contact us here for further details such as availability.

How can Inspection / Calibration be requested?

Please contact us at YSS.
Please check the 4-5 digit Serial No. and Date of the tester located on the tester Label when making an inquiry.

Is it possible to request Repair / Maintenance of testers from other companies?

We do not take inquiries for Repairs / Maintenances of testers from other companies.

Is it possible to request a YSS Product Catalog?

Please contact us through the CONTACT PAGE for further details.

Can Used Products be purchased / sold at YSS?

For purchases of Used Products, we provide some options of our Demo-testers.
Used Products cannot be sold to YSS.


For inquiries that cannot be found above, please contact us via e-mail or telephone.
※【YSS HEAD OFFICE】+81-78-907-1511 (Japanese / English)

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