Products manufactured today have various characteristics and are made suitable for certain purposes.
Therefore, it is important to choose the testing machines and test these products by material.

Plastic and Rubber

We are introducing plastic and rubber testing machine which inspect various elements such as abrasion resistance and heat resistance.

Tape and Film

We introduce tape and film testing machine according to the application such as decrease in adhesion strength, heat resistance and so on.

Electrical Wires

It is extremely important to examine the safety of either electrical wires or enamel cords which carry electricity. There are various testing machines for electrical wire examining the stability, transformation occurred by heat and the flexibility.

Leather and Hide

Flexibility and everlastingness are required on all kinds of leather products. Our testing machines inspect properties of leather and can prove if it is useful to be processed as a product.

Paper and Pulp

Paper and pulp are versatile and essential materials in our life as they have various peculiarities. Our testing machines examine all their signature properties, such as absorbance, bend-resistance, and strength to compression.

Fabric and Dyeing

Fabric is a material, which directly touches people’s skin and consequently needs to be tested while considering safety issues and durability. We have various excellent testing machines for fabric and dyeing that apparel industries and fabric manufacturers adopt.

Paint, Pigment, and Ink

Paint, pigment, and ink applied to decorating products and used in making durable products, need to be examined for their requirements. Our testing machine investigates the paint’s thickness, slackness, and durability according to any situations.

Custom-made and Other Material

We believe that as many products exist, there needs to be many testing equipment that suits all kinds of particular material. At YASUDA SEIKI we can produce and provide custom-made testing machine according to your needs.

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