YASUDA SEIKI SEISAKUSHO, LTD. has established the Security Trade Control Policy described below to ensure appropriate export controls are implemented, from a perspective of maintaining international peace and security.

1 . Not engage in transactions that involve supplying our products, services, or technologies to any party (customer) that intends to develop, manufacture, or otherwise contribute to weapons of mass destruction or conventional weapons that could potentially threaten international peace and security, or to parties for whom there is concern they might do so.

2 . Maintain a thorough understanding of and manage information about all parties (customers) and applications for all transactions that involve supplying our products, services, or technologies.

3 . In order to achieve the above, comply with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and other Japanese laws and regulations, United Nations Security Council resolutions, related international treaties, and international export control regimes, and also make a sincere effort to comply with all import and export-related law and regulations in countries and regions where YASUDA SEIKI SEISAKUSHO, LTD. conducts business.