Removing Unnecessary Movements and Realizing a Human Like Movement
The most Simple and the Best Automatic Melt Flow Index Tester
That is the YASUDA 120-LABOT-MI

The only thing that the Operator is Required
while the 120-LABOT-MI is in Function is
“TO DO SOMETHING ELSE” than the Test and the Cleaning



This tester is used to measure the melt flow index of thermo-plastic. The melt flow index is acquired from the weight or the volume of the extruded specimen at a specified cylinder temperature and with a specified load of piston through the die.

The tester is equipped with robotic mechanism which enables FULLY AUTOMATIC melt flow index tests up to a maximum of 50 samples (standard of 12 samples). The test conditions and the outputs can be set and observed through the computer software.

This Tester is Manufactured Based on the Following Standards;

Plastics – Determination of the melt mass-flow rate (MFR)and the melt volume-flow rate (MVR) of thermoplastics
Plastics – Determination of the melt mass-flow rate (MFR) and the melt volume-flow rate (MVR) of thermoplastics
Standard test method for melt flow rate of thermoplastics by extrusion plastometer

The Full Automatic Testing and Full Automatic Cleaning enabled by the Robotic Arm

  1. Automatically Cleaning the Cylinder and the Die after Pushing out the Left Over Sample

2.The Sample Cup Automatically sets above the Cylinder and the Sample Cup is Knocked Repeatedly to Inject the Sample

3.Automatically Applying the Test Load to Start Measuring the Melt Flow Rate

4.The Robot Arm Grabs the Piston and Rotates to Insert the Cylinder


Point.1 FULLY AUTOMATIC Testing and Cleaning

The Test, Cylinder Cleaning, and also the Die Cleaning made all FULLY AUTOMATIC with the Robot Arm.

Point.2 The YASUDA SEIKI Original Robot Arm

Every Process of the Melt Flow Test and Cleaning is Conducted with this Robot Arm which Imitates the Human Hand.

Point.3 Perfect Cleaning Just From YASUDA SEIKI

The Robot Arm will Up and Down and also Twist the Cleaning
Rods (including Die Cleaning) to Provide Perfect Cleaning.

High Repeatability

The Perfect Cleaning of the No.120-LABOT-MI will Provide an Excellent Repeatability in the Test Result even if Different Test Samples are Tested in Alternate Shifts.

Point.5 Rich in Extensibility to Satisfy Different Needs

The No.120-LABOT-MI is Capable in Extending the System to Fit the Operators’ Demands.
The Machine can also be Extended to a 50 Cycle FULLY AUTOMATIC System.

Point.6 Compact Size and Space Saving Design

The Robotic Arm Structure and the Fixed Cylinder Provides Compact Sized Machine which
enables to be placed in Limited Space.

Automatic Weight Changing Device

Automatic Weight Changing

The 120-LABOT-MI can Automatically Change
the Test Load According to the Test
Condition set in the PC Software. With this
Function, there will no more be the Manual
Weight Changing which can be a High Risk of
Major Injuries.

Automatic Sample Feeding

The Robot Arm will Automatically Pick Up the Sample Cup

The Sample Cup will be Placed on Top of the Cylinder

Sample Cup Knocker will Knock the Sample Cup to Inject the Sample Smoothly

Automatic Testing

The Chuck on the Robot Arm Grabs up the Piston The Pushed out Sample Flows out from the Die
and Inserts it into the Cylinder

The Up and Down Movement of the Robot Arm
Pushes in the Sample to the Starting Position

The Pushed out Sample Flows out from the Die

Automatic Measuring

1.The MVR or the MFR Value is Automatically Measured and the Data is Transferred to the PC Software

2.The PC Software Displays the Measured Value

3.The Test Data is Stored in the PC Software to be Compared or to be Analyzed

Automatic Cleaning

The Cylinder Cleaned Automatically with the Cylinder Cleaning Rod

The Robot Arm Twists 270° to Wipe off the Left over Sample in the Cylinder’s Inner Wall

The Left over Sample in the Die to be Cleaned Automatically with 2 Different Die Cleaning Rods


\No.120-LABOT Specification/